Juan Pablo García Sossa.

I come from Bogotá
and live in Berlin.

a Designer, Researcher and Artist fascinated by the clash between emerging technologies and grass-root popular culture in the tropics. My practice explores the development of cultures, visions, realities and worlds through the remix and re·appropriation of technologies from a Tropikós perspective (Tropics as Region and Mindset). Engaging with real and semi fictional organisations jpgs practice is committed to pluriversing technologies and exploring more-than-binary computing in a wide range of media such as visual languages, interfaces, web, new media installations, curatorial projects and other visual experiments++ I explore ways of sensibilization through narrative experiences of interaction
— and envision tropical futures.
Member of S A V V Y Contemporary – The Laboratory of Form-Ideas Design Department
2020 Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future Fellow

I studied Design at Universidad de Los Andes Bogotá and Visual Communication (BA—MA) at the University of The Arts UdK Berlin.

Worlding together ? Drop me a line at hola@puntojpgs.com