Juan Pablo García Sossa.

I come from Bogotá
and live in Berlin.

I’m a Designer, Researcher and Artist fascinated by the clash between emerging technologies and popular culture in tropical areas. My practice explores how emerging technologies are remixed and reappropriated in tropical areas and develop alternate understandings and systems. I research and develop future and alternate realities with real and semi fictional organizations in a wide range of media such as graphics, interfaces, web, installation, and other visual experiments. I explore ways of sensibilization through narrative experiences of interaction
— and envision tropical futures.
Member of S A V V Y Contemporary – The Laboratory of Form-Ideas Design Department
2020 Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future Fellow

I studied Design at Universidad de Los Andes Bogotá and Visual Communication (BA—MA) at the University of The Arts UdK Berlin.

Working together ? Drop me a line at hola@puntojpgs.com